Boston Memorials

These precious ones have all cross the Rainbow Bridge in the last ten years.  All were loved and adored by Austin Cooper.  He and each person that was fortunate enough to know them still miss and mourn their loss.  Rescue is not an easy endeavor in the best of times, and with the loss of each one a piece of our heart goes with them; but we know that they want us to continue to help the others left in our care.  God rest their souls as He has taken each one to be with HIM.

Sadie Mae—R.I.P. 10-13-03 (Cushing's)

Miss Sadie Mae was a wonderful senior Boston whose owner turned her into a shelter in Hammond, Louisiana, because she was sick with Cushing’s Syndrome in 2002, for which there is no known cure. It was later that she began Lysodren therapy to manage her disease, and she passed away within a week after beginning therapy. Miss Sadie Mae was a wonderful and most loving lady, who maintained her dignity until the very end.

Austin Cooper

Jessie Mae—R.I.P. 5-2-04 (epilepsy)

Miss Jessie Mae came to us from the Hartselle, Alabama, shelter. The daughter of the owner, who had Alzheimer’s, took Miss Jessie Mae to the shelter to be put to sleep, thus taking Miss Jessie Mae away from her life-long companion.  Miss Jess Mae was about ten years old then.  Despite her physical disabilities, she loved to play with her toys.  She was quite a spirited little girl and was perhaps the prettiest one we have ever had.  She began having cluster seizures and succummed to acute respiratory failure after putting up quite a fight to hang on right up until the very end.

Austin Cooper

Stella Mae—R.I.P. 5-7-05 (cerebral aneurysm)

Miss Stella Mae came to us shortly after the passing of Miss Sadie Mae. In fact, the very day that Miss Sadie Mae passed away, the Hammond, Louisiana, shelter received Miss Stella Mae as an owner release, and her resemblance to Miss Sadie Mae was uncanny. I will always believe that their were sisters or mother and daughter. Miss Stella Mae was a wonderful lady who successfully made it through heartworm treatment and lived among many other Boston terriers in a very happy and content manner. Miss Stella Mae had an aneurysm and held on ferociously until the very end. Miss Stella Mae will always be remembered as a strong-willed survivor.

Austin Cooper

Tessie Mae—R.I.P.-8-30-05 (IMHA)

Tessie Mae was an owner's release from the Tuscumbia, Alabama, shelter. She was not a pure-bred Boston terrier and perhaps was part Rat terrier. She was a strong and stubborn gal full of zest and vigor right up until the end. She passed away quietly here at my home after sudden onset of immune-mediated hemolytic anemia.

Austin Cooper

Camille Madeline—R.I.P. 7-26-06

Pup—R.I.P. 5-18-07 (cachexia)

Sadie Boo—R.I.P. 7-28-07 (epilepsy)

Zeb—R.I.P. 9-20-07

Liam—R.I.P. 10-15-07 (myocardial infarction)

Katie—R.I.P. 11-12-07 (cerebral infarction)

Simon—R.I.P. 2-7-08 (heartworms)

Ernie—R.I.P. 3-28-08

Skillet—R.I.P. 2-28-09 (renal failure, sepsis)

Cass Elliott—R.I.P. 3-15-09 (epilepsy)

Angelica—R.I.P. 4-2-09 (cachexia)

Lilly—R.I.P. 4-2-09 (cachexia)

Old Maggie—R.I.P. 4-30-09 (panreatic insufficiency)

Milo—R.I.P. 10-14-09 (myocardial infarction)

Charlie Brown—R.I.P. 12-19-09 (Cushing's)

Mattie Jean—R.I.P. 1-16-10 (pulmonary edema)
Tara Jean—R.I.P. 4-8-10 (cachexia)

Louie—R.I.P. 5-3-10 (epilepsy)

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Louie passed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 3, 2010, after suffering one final but fatal seizure.  He was an owner release out of Mobile, Alabama. They were unable to deal with the seizures and had wanted to euthanize him but fortunately for all who got the opportunity to know and love him, he was rescued.  Louie had only three years of life in this world but he lived, loved and enjoyed everyday that he was here.  He was a champion tennis ball chaser and only stopped playing when you put him to bed at night.  His favorite place to sleep was right up next to his foster dad flipped over on his back snoring loudly.  Louie “my man” you will be forever missed.  We all wish that we could look in to those beautiful green-brown eyes just one more time and rub that belly until our arms fall asleep but we will have to wait a while before we can see you running to meet us “seizure free” when we too pass over the bridge.  We will always love you big guy.

Jo-Ellyn Vincent

Tuffy—R.I.P. 6-6-10

Guy Onslow of Wildcherry—born 4-29-00 / R.I.P. 6-22-10 (epilepsy)

Sarah Beth—R.I.P. 7-26-10 (IMHA)

Farley Granger—R.I.P. 9-24-10 (IMHA)

Boo BooR.I.P. 10-7-10 (heartworms)

SashaR.I.P. 3-7-11

Baby WalkerBorn 4-22-11 / R.I.P. 4-23-11 (SIDS)

SpeedyR.I.P. 4-27-11 (sepsis)

LillieR.I.P. 5-14-11 (cancer)

RochesterR.I.P. 7-9-11

ChevyR.I.P. 7-16-11

BoR.I.P. 8-9-11 (cachexia)

BrutusR.I.P. 8-9-11 (mast cell)

Grady BocephusR.I.P. 8-9-11

Jasper AloysiusR.I.P. 10-1-11 (myocardial infarction)

Eartha MaeR.I.P. 10-21-11 (cachexia)

HenryR.I.P. 01-14-12 (epilepsy)

Rex—R.I.P. 2012-04-16

Chad—R.I.P. 2012-07-04 (renal failure).

Bridgette—R.I.P. 2012-09-21(epilepsy)

Samuel Clay—R.I.P. 02-22-13 (circulatory collapse)