Rescue is very challenging and hard work both physically and mentally.  Since Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama's inception in May, 2010, we have seen some very sad and heartbreaking situations.  We try not to dwell on the hard facts of these cases but concentrate on the fact that we were able to save the animal and have a chance to turn it's life in a different direction starting with the necessary vetting.  We are so privileged to then be able to give the abused, neglected and/or unloved soul a chance to heal by administering all the love that our hearts hold.  Some have been starved, bones broken, allowed to suffer with painful medical conditions, bred to near extinction, spirit broken to bits and still the animal can and does learn to trust and love again.  When we look into their smiling eyes after months of healing time we know that we did the right thing in rescuing the precious baby and that we have done our best.  We have to let God take care of administering justice in His right time.  Some that have been rescued stay with us for the remainder of their lives as they can not be adopted.  When it is their time to cross over the Rainbow Bridge, there is ALWAYS one of us with them never leaving them alone during their time of passing.  It is the very least we can do for one that has blessed us in so many ways through their unconditional love.  
Everyone should rescue just one deserving animal in their lifetime.  The love, joy and true feeling of purpose goes beyond words of expression.
Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, President
Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama