BTRA was contacted on 21 February regarding a Pyrenees/shepherd mix puppy (male, age 2-1/2 - 3/12 months, weight 11.6 lbs) in northwestern Alabama whose right hind leg was de-gloved: flesh and muscle pulled away in a spiral/oblique manner until the leg bones were completely exposed.  The puppy was rushed into surgery last evening and is now under continual observation, with pain management, to determine if the closure and revascularization are successful. While the preservation of the leg is the goal, amputation may be required.  BTRA remains in contact with the veterinary staff daily.  He is alert and eating following surgery and will remain at the veterinary clinic for several days for observation.

      PLEASE consider starting out 2018 by helping this sweet humble boy.  Only YOU can make this happen.  BTRA has no other source of funding than donations from our friends and benefactors.  A big thank you to all of you who have already donated for Leighton.  

      You all know that I take our mission of saving Bostons and French bulldogs very seriously, and we also rise to meet the emergent needs of critical situations for other breeds.  I also take God’s gift of life very seriously.  To me, these rescues are not "just another dog". They are loving creatures who are dependent on us for their survival, and in return they give unconditional love.  I believe we have all been given the need and ability to care for something outside of ourselves.   

      At this time, I can’t give you a final cost for Leighton's veterinary bill; it is estimated to be $1,500.  The initial surgery, subsequent post-operative care, and medications are all very expensive. I am personally asking for your financial help so that we can keep our commitment to Leighton. Please open your hearts and pockets for Leighton . You will not regret caring and helping this boy for one moment. While I know that this is a lot of money, unfortunately Leighton is not covered by any type of medical insurance. YOU have always helped BTRA’s babies through their tough struggles to regain their health. I hope that this time will be no different as Leighton is very much dependent on all of you.  Please generously help.



Phyllis Nixon, President
Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama