Dear Benefactors-

       As a rescuer, I view dogs as loving companion pets worthy of security, safety, good food, proper vetting, clean water, socialization and most of all plenty of love.  Puppy mill breeders view dogs as simply a commodity--just do what is necessary in order for the dogs to keep producing puppies.  The "botton line", profit, is their main objective.  There is a difference in puppy mill breeders and those that engage in breeding for the betterment of the breed--a big difference.  I know several reputable breeders that do a very good job at breeding their dogs but not at the expense of the health and welfare of the dogs.

       On September 22, 2018, there is another puppy mill breeder sellout taking place in Missouri.  I would again like the opportunity to save the three (3) Boston terriers and ten (10) French bulldogs.  Based on my experience, the ability to rescue the dogs is very expensive.  Since this is a breeder sellout, any dog that is not sold will not be taken back home as a companion pet.

       BTRA’s financial goal for this rescue auction is $9,100.00.  I know that this is a lot of money, but as I said previously I cannot control the bid amount on each Boston terrier/French bulldog.  In the event that we cannot raise sufficient funds to go to this auction, all donated funds will be placed in a special bank account to be used only for any future puppy mill rescue.

       I am attaching pictures of various puppy mills.  This will let you see and feel for yourself the conditions that a puppy mill dog lives in.  Laws governing the living conditions of the dogs are obviously not enforced.

       BTRA desparately wants to make a commitment to save the Bostons and Frenchies.  This rescue effort is a very expensive undertaking although I know that it is the right thing to do.  No dog deserves to be considered and treated as a "commodity," never loved, never being allowed to run and play, never getting the human contact and nurturing that they need and deserve.  Their only purposes in life prior to rescue:  HAVE PUPPIES AND THEN HAVE MORE PUPPIES. 

       You have shown in the past that you, too, would like the commodity breeding industry to be better regulated and/or shut down completely.  You have always been very supportive of our efforts in rescuing these deserving dogs.  I hope that you will continue to financially help our mission.

       If each and every person who reads this message would donate, this rescue will be possible.  I ask that each of you search for that special place in your heart and make a decision to help.  There is no donation too small or too big.  I realize that not everyone can make a large donation, but I pray that everyone will be able to financially help in some amount.

       BTRA's many rescue dogs have taught me the importance of giving a puppy mill dog a chance.  With lots of love and patience on both of our parts, the many rescued dogs and I have learned that nothing is impossible when the heart is the driving force behind one's actions.  They have given me more love and gratitude these past several years than anything I have given in return.  If all of us could be as humbly forgiving as the rescued dogs, this world would be a much better place.  

       Thank you all for financially helping Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama.  Without your help, we could do nothing.  All of our friends and benefactors are the very backbone of this rescue. All donations are tax deductible.  BTRA will be very grateful for all donations, large or small, and every penny will be used for getting these precious souls to freedom. BTRA has no paid staff and no overhead costs.  ALL donations go directly to the dogs’ needs.


Phyllis Nixon, President
Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama

P.S. I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of our friends and benefactors.  You are a wonderful and caring group.  I promise to do my part in caring and rehabilitating each and every one of these precious souls.  Of course, they will need time to mend and learn that this world is not such a desolate place to live.  Just like those dogs rescued previously, they, too, will learn to trust and love humans again.  You will not be sorry in financially helping.